A posing question, put by the wise man, viz. Solomon, to the wisest men concerning making a judgment of the temporal conditions : wherein you have the ignorance of man (in knowing, what is good, or evil, for man in this life) discovered, together, with the mistakes that flow from it : and the great question resolved, viz. whether the knowledg of, what is good for a man in this life, be so hid from man, that no man can attain it
Baxter, Benjamin, Preacher of the Gospel., Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.


  • 2. Information. That we should be content to re∣ceive Evil, as well as Good, at the Hand of God.
  • Seaven Reasons for it.
  • The great Question Resolved, (viz.) Whether the know∣ledg, of what is Good or Evil for a man in this life, be so hidden from man, that no man can attain to it.
  • Answered; and Directions given:
  • The Directions of 2. sorts
    • 1. General.
    • 2. Particular.
  • 1. General. Something is to be
    • Known.
    • Done.
  • 1. What is to be Known.
    • 1. Who is the Framer of Conditions.
    • 2. What is the right way of judging of Conditions.
      • That shewed in 6. Particulars.
    • 3. What it is makes a Condition good for a man in this life.
  • 1. An Interest in the Covenant.
  • 2. The Enjoyment of God in a Condition.
  • 3. Suitableness of Spirit to a Condition.
  • 4. Peace within.
  • 5. Doing the work of our Condition.
  • 6. Living above our Condition.
      Page  [unnumbered]A twofold living above it,
    • 1. Sinful.
    • 2. Holy living above its
      • Comforts.
      • Crosses.
  • 7. Watchfulness against the Temptations of a Condition.