A posing question, put by the wise man, viz. Solomon, to the wisest men concerning making a judgment of the temporal conditions : wherein you have the ignorance of man (in knowing, what is good, or evil, for man in this life) discovered, together, with the mistakes that flow from it : and the great question resolved, viz. whether the knowledg of, what is good for a man in this life, be so hid from man, that no man can attain it
Baxter, Benjamin, Preacher of the Gospel., Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.


  • 1. Information. Of three sorts of Persons, mistaken about Conditions.
  • 1. Some about a Prosperous Condition, Thinking it good for them.
    • Four Grounds of their mistake.
    • Their Grounds Examined.
  • The fallaciousness of them discover'd in divers particulars