The harmony of the divine attributes in the contrivance and accomplishment of man's redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ, or, Discourses wherein is shewed how the wisdom, mercy, justice, holiness, power, and truth of God are glorified in that great and blessed work
Bates, William, 1625-1699.
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THe Subject of the en∣suing Discourses is of that inestimable ex∣cellency and import∣ance, that it deserves our deepest reflecti∣ons, and care to consider and apply it: 'Tis the great Mystery of Godli∣ness, the design of Eternal Wisdom, the chiefest of all Gods Works, that contains the Glorious Wonders of his Mercy and Power, wherein he renders himself most worthy of our Supreme Veneration and Affecti∣on. Our most raised Thoughts are Page  [unnumbered] infinitely beneath its Dignity. Al∣though the Light of the Gospel hath clearly reveal'd so much of it as is re∣quisit to be known in our earthly state, yet the sublimer parts are still secret, and reserv'd for a full discovery by the brightness of our Saviour's Appear∣ance. Now if the Excellency of things excites our Spirits to be at∣tentive in searching into their nature, this Divine Object should awaken all our Powers, and arrest our Minds, in the serious steady contem∣plation of it, being alone capable to satisfy their immortal appetite. The Importance of it is correspondent to its excellency: for 'tis no less than the recovery of us from extream and eternal misery, and the Restoring of us to the enjoyment of the Blessed God, a felicity without compari∣son or end. If we have any regard to Page  [unnumbered] Salvation, (and who would be so un∣happy as to neglect it for unconcern∣ing frivolous Vanities) it will be de∣lightful to know the means by which we may obtain it; and to employ the flying moments of our short time in those things that are profitable for our last End, that we may not lose Temporal and Eternal Life toge∣ther.

Many of the Ancient and Mo∣dern Divines have written of this noble Argument, from whom I have re∣ceived benefit in the following compo∣sure. But none, as I know, hath consi∣dered all the parts together, and pre∣sented them in one view. There still remains a rich abundance for the perpetuall exercise of our Spirits. The Eternal Word alone was able to perfect all things by once speak∣ing. Humane words are but an Eccho Page  [unnumbered] that answers the Voice of God, and cannot fully express its Power, nor pass so immediately through the sence to the Heart, but they must be re∣peated. May these Discourses be effectual to inflame us with the most ardent Love to our Saviour, who ran∣som'd us with the unvaluable price of his own blood, and to perswade us to live for Heaven, the purchase of that Sacred Treasure, I shall for ever ac∣knowledge the Divine Grace, and obtain my utmost aim.

W. B.