A funeral sermon preached upon the death of the reverend and excellent divine Dr. Thomas Manton who deceas'd the 18th of October 1677
Bates, William, 1625-1699.
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Some Books printed for, and sold by Brabazon Aylmer, at the three Pigeons, over against the Royal-Ex∣change in Cornhill.

THe Harmony of the Divine Attributes, in the Accomplishment of Man's Redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ: Or Discour∣ses, wherein is shewed, how the Wisdom, Mercy, Justice, Holi∣ness, Power and Truth of God, are glorified in that great and blessed Work: By William Bates, D. D. In 4to.

Considerations of the Existence of God, and of the Immortality of the Soul, with the Recompences of the future State. To which is now added, the Divinity of the Christian Religion, proved by the Evidence of Reason, and Divine Revelation: For the Cure of In∣fidelity, the Hectick Evil of the Times. By William Bates, D. D. In Octavo.

Sermons preached upon several Occasions, by Isaac Barrow, D. D. late Master of Trinity-Colledg in Cambridg, and one of his Majesties Chaplains in ordinary. In Octavo.

The Reconcileableness of God's Prescience of the Sins of Men, with the Wisdom and Sincerity of his Counsels, Exhortations, and whatsoever means he uses to prevent them: In a Letter to the Ho∣nourable, Robert Boyle, Esq. To which is added a Postscript in de∣fence of the said Letter; By John How, M. A. sometime Fellow of Magdalen Colledge, Oxon. In Octavo.

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