The utter routing of the whole army of all the Independents and Sectaries, with the totall overthrow of their hierarchy ..., or, Independency not Gods ordinance in which all the frontires of the Presbytery ... are defended ...
Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.
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TO The Victorious Worthy Mr John Bastwick, Dr in Physick, and Captain in the Presbyterian Army, upon His industrious and learned Book intituled The Ʋtter Routing of all the Inde∣pendent Army, &c.

TRiumphant Victor, Thou hast won the day,
And Routed Legions too, without a fray
Or shedding blood: Thy deep mysterious skill
Hath been always to Cure, and not to kill.
Thou'st purg'd their melancholy, that began
To make all Zeal their own complexion.
Their Il-dependent Choler's cool'd by thee,
And Spleen, and Sanguine may Religious bee,
While they take leave to rage, and rail upon
Thee, as thou wert the Whore of Babylon.
Then thou couragious Captain, undertake
To vanquish Error, for Christ's Churches sake.
Arm Thee, with Samsons strength, or Davids, thus
Like Paul, fight Thou, with beasts of Ephesus.
Then sound a charge, utterly Rout all those
Peace-Church-disturbers, Separates that expose
Page  [unnumbered] Our Zion like to Sodome! what they're able,
Raze down Christ's Churches, to erect their Babel.
On Thee a furious Rabbie fouly fals,
Beats up Thy Quarters: All their Generals
Hanserdo Knollys, namelesse I. S. Burton,
Have not a Scripture weapon that can hurt, One
Arm'd as Thou art, (their fury to abide)
With Arguments, by Gods Word justifi'd.
The Scriptures Thou unvail'st, we can behold
Their sacred Truths, Thy works do plain unfold
Their mysteries: Thou with th' Apostles keyes
Unlockst Christs Churches hidden Treasuries.
In this, Thou hast all Sectaries overthrown;
Now they'll cry out of Persecution.
To whom th' dissenting brethren do accord,
Who, with Hugh Peters keyes, Paul Hobsons sword
Advance they will, boldly, (march madly on)
For all Religions,—a Toleration.
Which to Christs faithful Spous doth bring great scandal;
Such wasting New Lights shew Theeves in the candle,
Who from Christs fold, His Church, the fat sheep steal,
Saints, Converts, Zealots, Rich-men, in our Weal.
'Tis better grow in grace, like thriving Lambs,
Then in short time, become such hurtfull Rams.
But Thou well prove'st their sacrilegious theft,
Christ, nor His blest Apostles ever left
Them such a Pattern: th' issues of thy pen,
Shews their false Lights, to all enlightned men.
And in their new ways, thou hast them pursu'd
So close, that Thou their Champions hast subdu'd;
Routed their Army; all their force and might
They have's to rail, They are too weak to fight.

George Lindsey.