The utter routing of the whole army of all the Independents and Sectaries, with the totall overthrow of their hierarchy ..., or, Independency not Gods ordinance in which all the frontires of the Presbytery ... are defended ...
Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.
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TO My worthy and learned friend Do∣ctor Bastwick, on his book intituled, The Ʋtter Routing of all the Indepen∣dent Army, &c.

THY former works I'ave read, and truly say,
They were a means I wandred not astray
From Truth to Error; But did pry into
The new opinions, which some say, and do
Pretend to be according to Christs mind,
But searching Scripture no such way I find.
The paths which Independents do walk in,
Gods Word shew'd me, to be a way of sin.
And not the only way, as they depone,
Christ to advance, and set upon his Throne.
For they thereby Christs seamlesse Coat do rend,
And precious time in jangling quaeries spend.
Framing their notions, only to make fraction,
To Christs dishonour, and th' increase of faction.
By their means, blasphemies are spred about;
All sorts of Sectaries, the Land throughout,
Page  [unnumbered] Do preach up Error, and so bold they grow,
To threaten such as will not let them fow
Their tares amongst them, nor let them mislead
People from Truth, who readily give heed
To new opinions, ways of Liberty,
Being pleasing Doctrine to delude them by,
And to make many follow them, because
'Tis naturall to reject Gods holy Laws.
Grief overwhelm'd my heart when I did see
Poor souls seduc'd, yet men so silent be.
At length I heard, as thou hast heretofore
Discover'd Error, out of thy rich store
Of heavenly wisdome, which the Lord gave thee,
Thou plead'st Truths cause, that All her worth may see
In this thy Book. To th' Presse I therefore went,
Perus'd so much as gave me such content,
That whil'st I read, my spirits reviv'd again,
Seeing Error vanquisht, and the Truth made plain
Unto all men, God so assisting Thee,
That those who read it o're, resolv'd may bee.
Thy Arguments being prov'd by holy Writ,
None can deny, but such who use their wit
To wrest the Scripture, reason to deride,
Thereby to gain [Proselytes] on their side.
For thou hast laid down Truth so clear, I see,
That sincere souls will blesse the Lord for thee.
Of all false Doctrines, I do now desire
Good people to beware, and this Book read;
What satisfaction any can require,
They will find here who love the Truth indeed.
Read, meditate, of God ask wisdome then,
Truth to discern from all false ways of men.

S. B.