The utter routing of the whole army of all the Independents and Sectaries, with the totall overthrow of their hierarchy ..., or, Independency not Gods ordinance in which all the frontires of the Presbytery ... are defended ...
Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.
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THE UTTER ROUTING of the whole Army of all the INDEPENDENTS & SECTARIES, with the Totall overthrow of their Hierarchy that New Bable, more groundless than that of the Prelates.

OR INDEPENDENCY not Gods ORDINANCE, in which all the frontires of the PRESBYTERY, with al the quarters of the same are Defended, against all Enemies.

And all the Forces of the three Generals and Comman∣ders of the / Sectaries, Hanserde Knollys, J. S. & Henry B Burton are all dissipated, with all / their whibling Reserves, and the field of Truth still kept, viz. /

That the Presbyterian Government Dependent is Gods Or- / dinance, and not the Presbyterian Government▪ Independent. /

Unto which is annexed an Appendix in way of answer to Henry / Burton Clerk, one of his quondam fellow sufferers, in the which all his ca- / lumnies are wiped away by the sponge of innocency, and the Postscript Vin- / dicated; the honour also of all our renouned Generalls and Commanders / is Vindicated; the honour of the City of London; the honour of our brethren / the Scots; the honour likewise of all the Presbyters through the Kingdome / are Vindicated from the oblo∣quie of all the Independents and Sectaries; / and their due prayses given unto them in their severall ranks and or- / ders, as next under God to have been the principall and primary / Repairers of our breach, and the Restorers of our pathes to / dwell in: the honour of all which the Sectaries / wholly and solely ascribe to their Party. /

By JOHN BASTVVICK Captain in the Presbyterian Army, / Dr in Physick and Phisitian in Ordinary to all the Ill-dependents and / Sectaries to sweat them with Arguments twice a year gratis, spring and / fall, who discovering their distempers and malidies finds by the severall / symptomes of their diseases that they are very unsound, root and branch, / and there∣fore ought (with their venemous and intolerable Tol∣eration / of all Religions) to be shunned and avoyded as a company of infected per- / sons by all such as are sound in the faith. /

Mat. 7. 15. Beware...but / inwardly...wolves. /

London, Printed by John Macock, and are to be sold by Mi∣chael Spark, / at the sign of the blue Bible in Green Arbour. 1646. /