Querela Cantabrigiensis, or, A remonstrance by way of apologie for the banished members of the late flourishing University of Cambridge by some of the said sufferers.
Barwick, John, 1612-1664.
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A Catalogue of such Heads and Fellowes of Colledges, and other Learned, Reverend, and Religious Gentlemen, of the famous Univer∣sity of Cambridge, as have been Eje∣cted, Plundred, Imprisoned, or Ba∣nished thence, for their constancie in the Protestant Religion establi∣shed by Law, and Loyalty to their Soveraigne.

    Trinity Colledge.
  • D. Combar, Master, and Dean of Carlile, ejected, and M. Hill put in his place, now Doctor, and Vice-chancellour.
  • D. Row, Doctor in Divin.
  • D. Meridith, D. D.
  • Master Thorndike:
  • Master Briscoe:
  • Master Nevile:
  • Master Jones:
  • Master Marshall▪ B. D.
  • Master West senior:
  • Master Salmon.
  • Master Chamberlaine, sen:
  • Master Ashton, since dead.
  • Master Willis, B. D.
  • Master Barrey.
  • Master Coake senior.
  • Master Wyat.
  • Master Herbert.
  • Master Shaw.
  • Master Parrat.
  • Master Ofley.
  • Master Crane.
  • Master Creswell.
  • Master Arundell.
  • Master Bourcher.
  • Master Sherley.
  • Master Crawley
  • Master Slater.
  • Master Cooke junior.
  • Page  [unnumbered] Master Price.
  • Master Cave.
  • Master Appleby.
  • Master Meade.
  • Master Wheeler.
  • Master Howard.
  • Master Trevis.
  • Master Campian.
  • Master Cowley.
  • Master Yeardley.
  • Master Lister.

I could not learne certainly how many of these were Bachelors in Divinity.

  • Master Leech.
  • Master Scarlet.
  • Master Yates.

These three were Conducts for the Chappel, and all the rest Fel∣lowes.

    Saint Johns Colledge.
  • D. Beale, Master, ejected, who was some yeeres in prison, and exchanged, and master Arrowsmith put into his place.
  • Master Thornton.
  • Bodurda.
  • Ridding.
  • Terwhit.
  • Bletchinden.
  • Mason.
  • Buckley.
  • Ambrose.
  • Greenbagh.
  • Cooper.
  • Potter, since dead.
  • Rogers.
  • Wrench.
  • Lacy.

All these and the former were Bachelors in Div.

  • Master Cleveland.
  • Barwick senior.
  • Richardson.
  • Whittingham.
  • Spooner.
  • Bullock.
  • Otwey.
  • Jones.
  • Barwick junior.
  • Morgan.
  • Neale.
  • Hattou.
  • Boteler.
  • Watts.
  • Drake.

All these masters in Arts.

    Page  [unnumbered]Kings Colledge.
  • D. Collins Professor in Di∣vinity, and Provost, long imprisoned ejected, and master VVhitscot put into his place.
  • Master Edmonds.
  • Mason.
  • Barlow.
  • Franklin.
  • Anstey. M. in Arts.
    Queens Colledge.
  • D. Martin Doctor in Divinity, in prison, above these 4. yeeres, and master Palmer put into his place.
  • D. Cox, D. in Law.
  • D. Capel, D. in Div.
  • D. Bardsey, D. in Div.
  • Master Chandler.
  • Marley.
  • VVicherley.
  • Coldham.
  • Kemp.
  • Master Bryan.
  • Sparrow.
  • Hills.

These Bachelors in Di.

  • Master Rogers.
  • Cox.
  • VValpole.
  • Appleby.
  • Freare.
  • Natley.
  • VVells.
  • VVhitehead.

These masters in Arts.

    Christs Colledge.
  • D. Bambrigg, Master, who was not ejected, but dyed, and master Bolton chosen into his place.
  • Master Power, Bachelor in Divinity, and the La∣dy Margarets Preacher, ejected.
  • M. Norton.
  • M. Brearly.
  • Bambrigg.
  • VVildnet.
  • Tonstall.
  • Potts. since dead.
  • Huntley.
  • Mathews.

All Masters in Arts.

    Page  [unnumbered]Jesus Colledge.
  • D. Sterne, D. in Divinity, who hath been in prison above 4. yeeres, and ma∣ster Young put into his place.
  • M. Hall, prisoner above 3. yeeres in the Comp∣tet in Southwarke.
  • master Anscell.
  • Clerkeson.
  • Bussey.

Bachelors in Divinity.

  • master Blakeston,
  • Robinson,
  • Beale,
  • Taylor,
  • Hanson,
  • Lincolne,
  • Greene,
  • Mason,
  • Short,
  • Walker,

These masters in Arts.

    Saint Peters Colledge.
  • D. Cosins, D. in Divinity, ejected, and now gone beyond sea, and master Seaman put into his place.
  • M. Tolley.
  • Barrow,
  • Maxwell,
  • VVilson,
  • Terringham,
  • Pennyman,
  • Beaumont,
  • Bancks,
  • Crashaw,
  • Sr Blackeston,
  • M. Collet,
  • VVarr,
  • VVilsford,
  • Archer,
  • Gowyn,
  • Bargrave,
  • Symsafe,
  • Holder,
  • Sandys

I could not learne how many of these were Ba∣chelors in Divinity.

    Page  [unnumbered]Emanuel Colledge.
  • D. Holdsworth, Doctor in Divinity, Master, and long imprisoned, and ejected, and master Tuckney put in∣to his place.
  • M. Soresby, Bachelor in Divinity, ejected.
    Pembroke Hall.
  • D. Laney, Doctor in Divi∣nity, master, ejected, & is now gone beyond sea, and master Vies put into his place.
  • M. Vaughan.
  • Map le tost.
  • Franke.

Bachelors in Divinity.

  • M. Poley,
  • Randall,
  • VVeeden,
  • Ashton,
  • Heath,
  • Lenthall,
  • Depden,
  • Quarles,
  • Cacot,
  • Hamond,
  • Keen senior.
  • Felton, who was eject∣ed for refusing the Cove∣nant five dayes before he was asked the question whether he would take it or no, as the Warrant for his Ejectment sheweth.
  • Keene Junior.
  • May.

These masters in Arts.

  • Bokenham: tanquam socius.
    Magdalen Colledge.
  • D. Rainbow, Doctor in Di∣vinity, master, who con∣tinueth still not ejected.
  • Ejected, Doctor Greene, Doctor of the Civill Law.
  • M. Howorth,
  • Pullen,
  • Erskin,
  • Leech,

Bachelors in Divinity,

  • Butler, ma: in Arts.
    Page  [unnumbered]Gunvile and Caius Colledge.
  • D. Bachcraft, Doctor in Divinity, Master, who was not ejected, but continueth there still.
  • Ejected, master Loveland,
  • Salter,
  • London,
  • Buxton,
  • Pickarell,
  • Colebrand,
  • Watson,
  • Halliburton,

All masters in Arts, and all sequestred.

  • M. Scarborough, since com∣menced Doctor of Phy∣sick at Oxford.
  • D. Paske, D. in Divinity, Master andejected, and master Cudworth put into his place.
  • M. Oley,
  • Carter, Bachelors in Divinity.
  • M. Gunning,
  • Fabian,
  • Hickman,
  • Bing,
  • Havers,

masters in Arts.

    Sidney, Sussex Colledge.
  • D. Ward, D. in Divinity, and Professor, Master, who was long impriso∣ned here, & afterwards dyed, and D. Minshall chosen into his place.
  • Ejected, master Bartu,
  • Lawson, who dyed af∣terwards.
  • Ward,
  • Gibson,
  • Pawson, Ma: in Arts.
    Page  [unnumbered]Trinity-Hall.
  • D. Eden, Doctor in Law, Master, not ejected▪ but is dead, and D. Bond is chosen into his place, & none of all that Colledge were ejected.
    Katherine Hall.
  • D. Brownrigg, Doctor in Divinity, and Bishop of Exe∣ter, master, and ejected, and master Spurstow put into his place, and none of that Colledge ejected besides.
    Corpus Christi, alias Bennet Colledge.
  • D. Love, D. in divinity, master, who was not ejected but continueth there still.
  • master Tunstall, Bachelor in divinity,
  • Palgrave, Bachelor in divinity,
  • Briggs, ejected.