Protestancy to be embrac'd, or, A new and infallible method to reduce Romanists from popery to Protestancy a treatise of great use to all His Majesties subjects, and necessary to prevent error and popery
Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.
Page  [unnumbered]

The most material Contents of this Book.

  • II. The Authors former Life, and the occasion of his Conversion. Page 1
  • III. That Protestants may be sa∣ved. Page 19
    • Grounded,
      • 1. On their Allegiance to all their respective Superiours. Page 21
      • 2. On Gods general providence and care to illuminate all men for at∣taining the end he created them for. Page 25
      • 3. On their high sentiments of Gods mercies, and Christs merits. Page 27
      • 4. On their living and lively faith. Page 28
      • 5. On their belief of all Funda∣mentals, and Acts of true divine Love. Page 30
      • 6. On the Nature and Doctrine Page  [unnumbered] of a probable Opinion received by Romanists. Page 33
      • 7. On this undeniable Truth, That they are neither Schismaticks, nor Hereticks, but true Members of the Ʋniversal Church. Page 44
  • IV. That Protestants may be saved more easily and with greater secu∣rity than Romanists, grounded on their not admittance of these ob∣stacles that are infallibly to be met with in the Profession of Ro∣manism. Page 62
    • Such be,
      • 1. Their rash and implicite Faith. Page 64
      • 2. Their endless Scruples, caus'd by their doctrine relating to Baptism. Page 65
      • 3. Their less apprehension of Hell by their relying on Purgatory, and of mortal sin, by that dangerous Opinion of theirs, That all sins deserve not eternal punishment. Page 70
      • 4. Their neglect and not reading of Page  [unnumbered] Divine Scriptures. Page 71
      • 5. Their Prayers in an unknown Tongue. Page 75
      • 6. Their Doctrine of Transubstan∣tiation. Page 76
      • 7. Their Invocation of the Virgin Mary, and other Saints. Page 95
      • 8. Their Image-worship, Wafer-worship, Relick-worship, &c. Page 97
      • 9. Their renouncing Sense and Rea∣son, in favor of their Romish de∣cisions. Page 106
      • 10. Their multiplied Fasts and Absti∣nency, under pain of mortal sin. Page 107
      • 11. Their forbidding Ecclesiasticks to marry. Page 110
      • 12. Their insnaring Vows of Cha∣stity, Poverty, Obedience, and of more than God has commanded them to do. Page 112
  • IV. Conclusions flowing from the Principles establish'd in the first two Articles. Page 129
  • V. Charitable Advice to all His Majesties Subjects of ihe Romish Persuasion. Page 145