Three books of occult philosophy written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim ... ; translated out of the Latin into the English tongue by J.F.
Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535., French, John, 1616-1657.
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CHAP. XI. Of the number of Eight, and the Scale thereof.

THe Pythagorians call eight the number of justice, and fulness: first, because it is first of all divided into num∣bers equally even, viz, into four, and that division is by the same reason made into twice two, viz. by twice two twice; and by reason of this equality of division, it took to it self the name of justice, but the other received the name, viz. of ful∣ness, by reason of the contexture of the corporeall solidity, since the first makes a solid body. Hence that custome of Or∣pheus, swearing by eight dieties, if at any time he would be∣seech divine justice, whose names are these. Fire, Water, Earth, the Heaven, Moon, Sun, Phanes, the Night. There are also only eight visible Spheres of the heavens: also by it the property of corporeall nature is signified which Or∣pheus comprehends in eight of his Sea songs. This is also called the covenant or circumcision, which was commanded to be done by the Jewes the eight day.

There were also in the old Law eight ornaments of the Priest, viz. a breast-plate, a coat a girldle, a myter a robe, an Ephod, a girdle of the Ephod, a golden plate; hither belongs the number to eternity, and the end of the world, because it follows the number seven, which is the mysterie of time: hence also the number of blessedness; for Christ tea∣cheth so many degrees of blessednesses, as you may see in Ma∣thew: It is also called the number of safety, and conservation, for there were so many souls of the sons of Jesse, from which David was the eighth. Also Zacharias, the father of John, re∣ceived his speech the eighth day. They say this number was de∣dicated to Dionysius, because he was born the eighth moneth, in everlasting memory where of, Naxos the Iland was dedicated to him, which obtained this prerogative, that only the wo∣men of Naxos should safely bring forth in the eighth moneth, and their children should live▪ whereas the children of the eighth moneth in other Nations dy, and their mothers then bringing forth are in manifest danger.

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The Scale of the Number eight.

The name of God with eight letters. Eloha Vadaath 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉 Jehovah Vedaath 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉               In the Originall
Eight re∣wards of the bles¦sed. Inheri∣tance. Incorrup∣tion. Power. Victory. The vision of God. Grace. A King∣dom. Joy. In the Intelligible world.
Eight visi∣ble Hea∣vens. The Star∣ry Heaven. The Hea∣ven of Sa∣turn. The Hea∣ven of Ju∣piter. The Hea∣ven of Mars. The Hea∣ven of the Sun. The Hea∣ven of Ve∣nus. The Hea∣ven of Mercury. The Hea∣ven of the Moon. In the Celestiall world.
Eight par∣ticular qualities. The dry∣ness of the earth. The cold∣ness of the water. The moi∣sture of the aire. The heat of the fire. The heat of the aire. The moi∣sture of the water. The dry∣ness of the fire The cold ness of the earth. In the Elementary world.
Eight kinds of blessed men. The peace makers. That hun∣ger and thirst after righteous∣ness. The meek. They which are persecuted for righte∣ousness sake. Pure in heart. Mercifull. Poor in spirit. Mourners. In the lesser world.
Eight re∣wards of the damn∣ed. Prison. Death. Judge∣ment. The wrath of God. Darkness. Indignati∣on. Tribulati∣on. Anguish. In the infernall world.