The institution, laws & ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter collected and digested into one body by Elias Ashmole ...
Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692., Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677., Sherwin, William, fl. 1670-1710.

NUM. CLXXXIV. A Publication of the Degrading of Ed∣ward, Duke of Buckingham. Ex Collect. A. V. W.

BE it known unto all men, That whereas Edward, late Duke of Buckingham, Knight, and Companion of the Noble Order of Saint George, named the Garter, hath lately done and committed High Treason against the King, Sove∣raign of the said Order of the Garter, in com∣passing and imagining the destruction of the most Noble person of our said Soveraign Lord the King, contrary to his Oath, Duty, and Allegi∣ance; for which High Treason, the said Edward hath been indicted, arraigned, convicted, and at∣tainted, and for the which detestable Offence and High Treason, the said Edward hath deserved to be disgraded of the said Noble Order, and expelled out of the said Company, and not worthy that his Arms, Ensigns, and Atchievements should remain amongst other Noble Ensigns and Atchieve∣ments, of other noble, vertuous, and approved Knights of the said Noble Order, nor to have the benefits of the said Noble Order. Where∣fore our Soveraign Lord the King, Soveraign of the said Noble Order of St. George, named the Garter, by the advice of other Knights of the said Noble Order, for his said Offences, and com∣mitting of the said High Treason, willeth and commandeth, that the said Edward, late Duke of Buckingham, be disgraded of the said No∣ble Order, and his Arms, and Ensigns, and At∣chievements clearly expelled, and put from amongst the Arms, Ensigns, and Atchieve∣ments of the other Noble Knights of the said Order; to the intent that all other Noble men, thereby may take Example, hereafter not to com∣mit any such hainous and detestable Treason and Offence as God forbid they should.

God save the King