Englands Eben-ezer, or, Stone of help set up in thankfull acknowledgment of the Lords having helped us hitherto : more especially for a memoriall of that help which the Parliaments forces lately received at Shrewsbury, Weymouth, and elsewhere : in a sermon preached to both the honourable Houses of Parliament, the lord mayor and aldermen of the citie of London being present, at Christ-Church, London, upon the late solemne day of thanksgiving, March 12
Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659.
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Die Jovis, 13. Martii. 1644.

IT is this day Ordered by the Lords in Parliament as∣sembled, that this House doth give thanks to Master Arrowsmith, for his great pains taken in the Sermon hee preached on the 12 of this instant March in Christ-Church London, before the Members of both Houses of Parliament: and giving thanks to Almighty God for his blessing to the Parliament, for their late good success at Shrewsbury and Weymouth. And that the said Master Arrowsmith is hereby desired to print and publish his Sermon, which is not to be printed or reprinted by any, but by authority under his hand.

John Brown, Cler. Parl.