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Title: Here begynnys a schort [and] breue tabull on thes cronicles ...
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he duelled as long as him likyd. and ther wos none enmye yt dur¦st him abide ¶And sone aft{er}ward kīg Edward wēt to south hamtō for he wold not abyde in scotland in wynt{er} seson for esemēt of his pepull And when he come to londō he let amēd mony misde∣dis that wer done ayens his pees and his law while yt he wos in Flaundres.¶Of the last mariege of king Edward and how he went the thrid tyme in to Scotland.ANd aft{er}ward it was ordeyned thurgh the court of rome yt kīg edward shuld wedde dame Margaret that was kīg Philip sustre of fraūce and ye Erchebisshop Robert of wynchelse spoused thē to gedre thurgh the wich mariege ther wos made pes betwen kyng Edward of englond & kyng Philip of fraunce. ¶Kyng edward went tho the thrid tyme in to Scotland & tho within the first yere he had enfamined the land so that ther left not on that he ne come to his merci sauf tho yt wer in the castell of Estreuelin yt wos well vetaled &̄ astorid for vij. yere.¶How the castell of estreuelin wos beseged.KYng Edward come with an huge pouer to the castell of estreuelin and beseged the castell. but it litell a vailed for he might do the scottis none harme For the castell wos so stro¦ng & well kepid ¶And kyng edward saw that & thought him vpō a queyntize &̄ let make anone ther .ij. paire of high galews before the tour of ye castell &̄ made his oth that as mōy as wer ī the castell wer he erle or baron & he wer take with strength but if he wold the rather him yold he sh̄uld be honged vpō the galewis ¶And when tho that wer within the castell heerd this they co¦me & yeld them all to the kyng{is} grace &̄ merci. And the kīg for yaf them all his maletalent ¶And ther wer all the gret lordis of scotland swore to kyng edward that they shuld cum to london to eu{er}y parlament & shuld stond to his ordynance.
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