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Title: Here begynnys a schort [and] breue tabull on thes cronicles ...
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sayed Constans quod he your fadre is deid and your ij. bretheren that ben with Gosseline the bisshope of london to norissh: ben so yong that none of them may be kyng ¶Wherfor I councell yow that ye forsake your habit and come with me &̄ I shall make sych a meyn vn to the bretons that ye shall be made kyng.¶Of Constans yt wos kīg Cōstantine son that was mōke at wynchestre and how he wos made kyng after his fadres deth thurgh consell of vortiger that wos Erle of westsexe for as mich as Aurilambros and vter his ij. brether wer but yong of age: And vortiger let sle hym to be kyng hym self.THis vortigr consceled this Constance so mych tyll he for¦soke his Abbot and went with hym: and anone after he wos crouned kyng by assent of the Bretons.¶This kyng Constance whan he wos crouned and made ky¦ng he wist ne knew bot litell of the world na coude no thing wat knyghthod axed. and he made vortiger his chief mastir and con¦celler and yaf hym all hys pouer for to ordeyne and to do as my¦ch as to the reame apertened So that hym self no thyng enterme¦lled but onli bare the name of kyng ¶When vortiger saw that he had all the land in his warde and gouernall at his own wyll he thought a preuy treson and to sle Constance the kyng that he myght hym self be crouned and made kyng and regne and let se¦nd after a hundreth knyghtes of Pehetes the worthiest of al the land and them heeld wyth hym for to duell as to be kepers of is body as he wold wende thurgh the land to ordeyne thynges that apperteyned to a kyng ¶And this vortiger honoured so mo∣ch the hondred knyghtes and so moch yafe them of gold and silu{er} and so riche iuelles robes hors and other thynges plente wherfor they held hym more lord than they did the kyng ¶And vor¦tiger told them yf he might be kīg. ye as it wer thurgh treson: he
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