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Title: [The cronycles of Englond]
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atayll was slayn therle of Northumberlond / the lord Iohn Neuyl / therle of westmerlādys broder / andrew many other knyʒtes & squyers. Thēne kyng henry that kyng / beyng with the quene & prince at yorke, heryng the of feld / & so moche peple slayn & ouerthrowen / anon forth with departed al thre with the duk of somersete / the lord roos & othere toward scotlād / & the next day kyng Edward with al his armye entred in to york. & was ther proclamed kyng / & obeyed as he ought to be / And the maire, aldermen / & comyns sworn to be his lyege men / and whan he had taryed a while in the north / & that al the coūtre ther had torned to hym / he retorned southward / leuyng therle of warwyck in tho partyes for to kepe & gouerne that coū∣tre / And about mydsomer after the yere of our lord M / cccc / y / & the fyrst yere of his regne / he was crouned at westmestre / & enoyn ted kyng of englōd hauyng the hole possession of al the hole reame whome I pray god saue & kepe / & send hym the accomplisshement of the remanaūt of his rightful enheritaūce beyōde the see / & that he may regne in them to the playsie of almyghty god / helthe of his soule / honour & worship in this present lyf / & weel / & prouffit of al his subgettis / & that ther may be a vera final pees in al cris reames / that the Infideles & myscreaūtes may be withstāden & des troyed / & our feyth enhaūced / whiche in these dayes is sore my ysshed by the puyssaūce of the turkes & hethen men / And that af ter this present & short lyf we may come to the euer lastyng lyfe in the blysse of henen / Amen / Thus endeth this present book of the Cronycles of Englond / Enprynted by me william Caxton In thabbey of westmestre by london / Fynysshed / and accomplysshyd the / viij / day of Octobre / The yere of the Incarnacyon of our lord God / M / CCCC / lxxxij And in the xxij yere of the regne of kyng Edward the fourth
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