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Title: In the yere of thyncarnacion of our lord Ih[es]u crist M.CCCC.lxxx. and in the xx. yere of the regne of kyng Edward the fourthe, atte requeste of dyuerce gentilmen I haue endeauourd me to enprinte the cronicles of Englond as in this booke shall by the suffraunce of god folowe ...
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ANd aftward it was ordeyned thurgh the court of Rome that kyng Edward sholde wedde dame margarete kyng Philippes uster of fraunce and the rhebisshopp Robert of wynchelsee spoused hem to gedre thurgh which mariage there waz made pees bitwene kyng Edward of Englond & kyng philipp of fraūce ¶Kyng Edward went tho the iij tyme in to Scotland and tho withyn the fyrst yere he had enfamined the londe so that ther left not on that ne come to his mercy sauf tho that were in the castell of Estreuelyne that was well vitailled & astored for vij. yere¶How the castell of Estreuelyne was beseged ¶Ca.C.lxxijHYng Edward come with an huge power to the Castell of Estreuelyn & beseged the castell but it litell a vailled for he myʒt do the scottes none harme For the castell was so stronge & wel y kept ¶And kyng Edward saw that & thought hym vpon a queyntize & let make anone there ij. pere of high gale wes before the tour of the castell & made his othe that as many as were in ye castell were he erle or baron & he were take with strēgth but yf he wold the rather hym yelde he sholde bene honged vpon the gale we ¶And when tho that were in the castell herd this they come and yelde hem all to the kynges grace and mercy And the kyng foryafe hem all his maletalent And ther were all the grete lordes of Scotland swore to kyng Edward that they shold come to london to euery parlement & shold stonde to his ordinaunce¶How troylebastonne was fyrst ordeyned Ca.C.lxxiijTHe kyng Edward went thens to london and went haue had reste & pees of his werre with which werre he was acupied xx. yere that is to seyne in ways in gascoyne & in Scotland And thought how he myght recouer his tresour that he had spended aboute his werre & let enquere thurgh the reame of all mystakynges and wronges done thurgh mysdoers in englond of all the tyme that he had bene oute of his reame that men called Troillebaston And ordeyned ther to Iustices & in this maner he recouered tresour withoute nombre. And his encheson was for he had thought for to haue gon in to holy land for to werre vpon goddes enemies For encheson that he was croised longe tyme be∣fore And nothelees that lawe that he had ordeyned ded moche good thurgh all Englond to hem that were mysbode For tho that trespaced were well chastized and afterward the meker
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