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Title:  Here begynneth the table of the rubryshys of the boke of the fayt of armes and of chyualrye whiche sayd boke is departyd in to foure partyes ...
Author: Christine, de Pisan, ca. 1364-ca. 1431.
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thou be more proude therfore wenyng to haue hem at aua∣untage yf the bataylles happed to be / wherby thou woldest not fall to accorde / But rathre to be founde the harder For eny proffres that were doon vnto the / nay certeynly / For with peyne it myght be founde that euer it happed that they that refused iuste proffres what someuer ryght that they had nor what grete nombre of peple that they had ayenst a few folke / But that at the last they repented full sore / And it semyth that god in thys caas hateth them that suche raysonnable proffres comtempnen and ref¦fusen / And punyssheth hem ther for / But herto thou oughtest to take hede for in thys lyeth the pareyl / that is to wyte / that thou be not deceyued by trayson thrughe false meanes vndre the shadowe of the treatyng of the peas / And how shalt thou know thys / For sothe I say that by coniectures thou shalt mow haue a colour of the doubte the¦rof / Wherfore be thou alwayes vpon thy watche / Wher∣for yf it be so / that the first moeuing of the trayttee of peas be comen of somme of thyn / thou shalt mowe knowe by the condycyons of hym / what the cause may be that hath mo∣euyd hym to speke therof / For yf he be wyse and a gode true man and that thou knowest hym for suche / thou ough¦test not for to merueyll yf suche a man wold gladly see that a gode meane were founde that myght eschewe ef∣fusion and shedyng of mannys blde by som gode and worshypfull trayttye and that peas myght be had / ¶But yf he be a man that is not wont to fynde hym self in suche a caas / And that is of lytyl courage / thoughe he be malycyouse and a wel spoken man / thou mayst thyn∣ke that this commeth to hym by cowardnes & feblenes of her¦te / But not therfore thou oughtest not to putte his reasōs 0