The barrons vvars in the raigne of Edward the second. VVith Englands heroicall epistles. By Michael Drayton
Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631., Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. England's heroical epistles. aut, Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. Idea. aut, Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. Mortimeriados.
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To my honoured Mistres, Mi∣stres Elizabeth Tanfelde, the sole daughter and heyre of that famous and learned Lawyer, Lawrence Tanfelde Esquire.

FAire and vertuous Mistres, since first it was my good for∣tune to be a witnes of the many rare perfections wherewith nature and education aue adorned you, I haue been forced since that time to attribute more admiration to your sexe, then euer Petrarch could before perswade mee to by the prayses of his Laura. Sweet is the Fr••ch tongue, more sweet the Italian, but most sweet are they both if spoken by your admired selfe. If poesie were praiselesse, your vertues alone were a subiect suffici∣ent to make it esteemed, though among the barbarous Getes: by how much the more your tender yeres giue scarcely warrant for your more then woman-like wisedome, by so much is your iudg∣ment and reading the more to be wondred at. The Graces shall haue one more Sister by your selfe, and England to herselfe shall adde one Muse more to the Muses. I rest the humble deuoted seruaunt, to my deere and modest Mistresse, to whom I wish the happiest fortunes I can deuise.

Michaell Drayton.