The barrons vvars in the raigne of Edward the second. VVith Englands heroicall epistles. By Michael Drayton
Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631., Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. England's heroical epistles. aut, Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. Idea. aut, Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631. Mortimeriados.
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To my worthy and deerely estee∣med Friend, Maister Iames Huish.

SIR, your owne naturall inclination to vertue, & your loue to the Muses, assure mee of your kinde acceptance of my dedication. It is seated by custome (from which wee are now bolde to assume authoritie) to beare the names of our friends vpon the fronts of our bookes, as Gentlemen vse to set theyr Armes ouer theyr gates. Some say this vse beganne by the Heroes and braue spirits of the old world, which were desirous to bee thought to patronize learning; and men in requitall ho∣nour the names of those braue Princes. But I thinke some after, put the names of great men in their bookes, for that men shoulde say there was some thing good, onely because indeed their names stoode there; But for mine owne part, (not to dissemble) I find no such vertue in any of theyr great titles to doe so much for anie thing of mine, and so let them passe. Take knowledge by this I loue you, & in good faith, worthy of all loue I thinke you, which I pray you may supply the place of further complement.

Yours euer, M. Drayton.