A Diuine descant full of consolation fitting a soule plunged in desolation.
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A diuine descant full of consolation, Fitting a soule plung'd in desolation.

NO fitter Fountaine for my soule to bathe her,
Then in those drops of grace from God—Our Father
Nor sweeter solace to her can be giuen
Then thoughts lift vp to thee—Which art in heauen,
Such heauenly comforts doe my heart inflame
And cause my tongue sing—Hallowed be thy Name.
The wicked loue the world, earth is their somme
But we doe long vntill—Thy kingdome come.
For then though earth and earthly things be gone,
Yet sure we are to see—Thy will be done,
Which we poore creatures by our sinfull birth,
Are all vnable to fullfill—In earth,
Oh Lord lift vp our hearts, lumpish as leauen,
To doe thee homage heere,—As it is in heauen.
And then we will confesse, as well we may,
That 'tis thy goodnesse to—Giue vs this day
The ayre to breath in, earth whereon to tread
Cloth for our backes, nay more,—Our daily bread.
Since in our bodies thou doest thus relieue vs,
Fauour our soules (Lord) pardon—And forgiue vs
Most haplesse else, yea, hopelesse were our cases,
If thou in Christ forgiue not—Our trespasses,
But thy Sonnes merits doe vs this hope giue,
That thou wilt pardon vs—As wee forgiue
Corrupt we are and yet thou not disdayn'st vs,
So make vs pardon—Them that trespasse against vs.
Oh that our pathes were made direct, to tread vs
The way to life, Lord be our guide—And leade vs
Into all heauenly contemplation
And peace of mind, but—Not into temptation,
Let not dispaire, nor yet presumption euer
Barre vp heauen gate against vs,—But deliuer
Yea, as our Captaine, shield vs from the deuill,
So shalt thou keepe and saue—Vs from all euill.
No strength at all, no fortitude doth come
But from thee all,—For thine is the kingdome,
Protect thou vs therefore, each day, each houre,
From dangers heere, for thou hast—The power
Mans life is but a blast, a bloome, a story,
Lord giue vs heauens ioy,—And the glory,
Let neither life, nor death, nor any crosse disseuer
Vs from thy presence, Lord,—For euer and euer.
To thee, for these, and to no Saint, nor men,
We come, Lord grant them. So be it.—Amen.