All the submyssyons, and recantations of Thomas Cranmer, late Archebyshop of Canterburye truely set forth both in Latyn and Englysh, agreable to the originalles, wrytten and subscribed with his owne hande. Visum [et] examinatum per reuerendum patrem [et] dominum, dominum edmundum episcopum London. Anno, M.D.LVI.
Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.

Quartum scriptum Cranmeri sua ipsius manu exaratum, et per eum in buc∣cardo exhibitum London, Episcopo.

BE it knowen by these presentes, that I Thomas Cranmer doctor of diuinitie, & late Archbyshop of Canterbury, do fyrmely, stedfastlye, and assuredlye beleue in all articles and poyntes of the christian re∣ligion, and catholyke fayth, as the Catholyke church doth beleue, and hath euer beleued from the begyn∣nynge. Moroeuer, as concerning the Sacramentes of the churche, I beleue vnfaynedly in all poyntes as the sayde catholyke churche doth and hath beleued from the begynnynge of Chrysten religion. In wyt∣nes whereof I haue humbly subscribed my hand vn∣to these presentes, the .xvi. day of February. M. D. lv.

Thomas Cranmer