The prospectiue glasse of vvarre Shevving you a glimpse of vvarres mystery, in her admirable stratagems, policies, wayes; in victualling of an armie, prouiding money to pay souldiers, finding out the enemies purposes, traps, and stratagems: ordering of marches, framing of battails, sundry fights, retreats, and the like, to auoide battell or fight. Furnished with argument to encourage and skill to instruct. By C.E. Warre is a schoole of necesary knowledge.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.
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A Foure-Fronted Battell for Stratagem, being enuironed with a Ditch.

THe Ditch is 6. foot broad, and 3. foot deepe. It hath foure gaps (for sallyes) twentie paces broad, to allure the Enemy there to enter. It hath at euery gap fiue battalions of 300. a peece: it hath a field Peece behinde euery middle battell; euery middle battell must open in the midst, before the Peece doe dis∣charge; then the Horse must issue forth vpon the Enemy: for this cause the Horse haue their place in the midst, remote from the Foot, diuided into foure squadrons, (in the forme of a crosse) ready faced to the gaps: being in all 1600. the foot 6000. If you will haue no Horse in the midst, then diuide them into 8 troupes; place them for wings, in an euen front, or on the angles: so the Battell will be hollow, and the foot battels for the gaps but 3 a peece.