The prospectiue glasse of vvarre Shevving you a glimpse of vvarres mystery, in her admirable stratagems, policies, wayes; in victualling of an armie, prouiding money to pay souldiers, finding out the enemies purposes, traps, and stratagems: ordering of marches, framing of battails, sundry fights, retreats, and the like, to auoide battell or fight. Furnished with argument to encourage and skill to instruct. By C.E. Warre is a schoole of necesary knowledge.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631.
Page  [unnumbered]

Page  [unnumbered] THE Prospectiue Glasse of VVARRE.

Shevving you a glimps of VVarres Mystery, in her admirable Stratagems, Policies, Wayes; in Victualling of an ARMIE, prouiding Money to pay Souldiers, finding out the Enemies Purposes, Traps, and Stratagems: Ordering of Marches, Framing of Battails, sundry Fights, Retreats, and the like, to auoide Battell or Fight.

Furnished with Argument to encourage, and Skill to Instruct. By C. E.

Warre is a Schoole of necessary Knowledge.


LONDON: Printed for Michael Sparke, dwelling at the signe of the blue Bible in Greone-Arbor. 1628.