A curious treatise of the nature and quality of chocolate. VVritten in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, doctor in physicke and chirurgery. And put into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte
Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio., Wadsworth, James, 1604-1656?
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To the Reader.

THe number is so great of those, who, in these times, drinke Chocolate, that not onely in the Indies, where this kinde of Drinke hath its orignall; but it is also much used in Spaine, Italy, and Flanders, and particularly at the Court. And many doe speake diversly of it, according to the benefit, or hurt, they receive from it: Some saying, that it is stopping: Others, and those the greater part, that it makes one fat: Others, that the use of it strengthens the stomacke: Others, that it heats, and burnes them: And others say, that although they take it every houre, and in the Dog-dayes, yet they finde themselves well with it. And therefore my desire is, to take this paines, for the pleasure, and profit of the pub∣licke; endeavouring to accommodate it to the content of all, according to the variety of those things, where with it may be mixt; that so every man may make choise of that, which shall be most agreeable to his disposition. I have not seen any, who hath written any thing, concerning this drinke; but onely a Physitian of Marchena, who (as it seemes) writ onely by Re∣lation; holding an opinion, that the Chocolate is stopping, be∣cause that Cacao (the principall Ingredient of which it is made) is cold, and dry. But because this onely reason, may Page  2 not have power to keepe some from the use of it, who are troubled with Opilations. I thinke fit to defend this Confecti∣on, with Philosophicall Reasons, against any, whosoever will condemne this Drinke, which is so wholesome, and so good, knowing how to make the Paste in that manner, that it may be agreeable to divers dispositions, in the moderate drinking of it. And so, with all possible brevity, I shall distinguish and divide this Treatise into foure poynts, or Heads. In the first place I shall declare, what Chocolate is; and what are the Qua∣lities of Cacao, and the other Ingredients of this Confection; where I shall treate of the Receipt set downe by the aforesaid Author of Marchena, and declare my opinion concerning the same. The second point shall treat of the Quality, which re∣sulteth out of the mixture of these Simples, which are put in∣to it. In the third place, the manner of Compounding; and how many wayes they use to drinke it in the Indies. In the fourth, and last place, I shall treate of the Quantity; and how it ought to be taken; at what Time; and by what Persons.