A curious treatise of the nature and quality of chocolate. VVritten in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, doctor in physicke and chirurgery. And put into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte
Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio., Wadsworth, James, 1604-1656?
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The Allowance of Melchor de Lara, Physi∣tian Generall for the Kingdome of Spaine.

I Doctor Melchor de Lara Physitian Gene∣rall for the Kingdome of Spaine, at the command of Don John de Velasco, and Asebedo, Vicar Generall of Madrid, have seene this Treatise of Chocolate, composed by Antonio Colmenero of Ledesma; which is very learned, and curious; and therefore it ought to be Licensed for the Presse; it containing nothing contrary to good Manners; and it cannot but be very pleasing to those, who are affected to Chocolate. In testimony whereof, I have subscribed my Name, in Madrid the 23. day of August. 1631.

Melchor de Lara.