A curious treatise of the nature and quality of chocolate. VVritten in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, doctor in physicke and chirurgery. And put into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte
Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio., Wadsworth, James, 1604-1656?


IN the Title of the Dedication, read, And one of the Lords of his Majesties most Honourable Privy Counsell of Ireland. Page 3. line 14. for mixe read mixed. p. ib. l. 32. for that it, r. that in it. p. 6. l. 19. for unctuous r. unctuous. p. 8. l. 2. r the Marginall note at Tevasco. p. ib. l. 11. r. the Marginall Note at red pepper, p. 13. l. 27. r. owne effects. p. 15. l. 12. r. every one may.