The rape of Proserpine. Translated out of Claudian in Latine, into English verse: by Leonard Digges, Gent
Claudianus, Claudius., Digges, Leonard, 1588-1635.

The Allegoricall Sense.

BY Pluto and his suddaine resolution of mar∣rying and warring against gods, is noted, the nature and disposition of the insolent rich man, who blinded with ease and plenty, desireth immoderately all that his Concupiscence leades him vnto.

By the Destinies that striue to diuert Pluto from his purpose, is seene the force of heauenly power aboue humane.

Page  [unnumbered]Mercurie's, being sent Ambassador to Iupiter, declares how necessarie it is that persons of a liue∣ly capacitie and mature iudgement, be sent to take vp strife and iarres betwixt Princes.

By Iupiters decree to giue Proserpine for wife to Pluto, is shewne the Diuine Prouidence, that disposeth better of things for vs, then we our selues can wish.

By Proserpine left alone in her mothers absence at her worke, is noted the good education of Chil∣dren, to which mothers are bound, that are honest and carefull.

By Ceres leauing her alone, and Pluto's stealing her away, is put (as an example): That Mothers ought not to be so carelesse of their chil∣dren, as to expose them to so great a hazard of their honours.

By Venus Executioneresse of Ioues will, and Diana and Pallas her Companions, is signified: that loue is a diuine connexion and bond, ordained from God, if the proceeding in the same bee with simplicity and purenesse of meaning.