Chesters triumph in honor of her prince As it was performed vpon S. Georges Day 1610. in the foresaid citie.
Davies, Richard, fl. 1610., Amerie, Robert., Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612.
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REader, to make a large Narration of nothing, were scarce woorth any thing; Yet, since it hath pleased the great giuer of all things, to infuse life into poore Animals (as well as Spirit into more worthy Creatures) I haue by the importunitie of some friends (vpon honest conditions) let slip this prisoner, who like a poore Peregrinator (to purchase enlarg∣ment) is contented to passe through the Purgatorie of the Printing-house: Where (if by his good behauiour, he doe not merit Redemptiō) let him be prest without pity a Gods name, and like a vituperous offender, be Stamped and Sta∣red at, by the seuerest Corrector, and truest Compositor. To be briefe, what was done, was so done, as being by the Approbation of many, said to bee well done, then I doubt not, but it may merit the mercifull Construction of some few, who may chance to Sweare t'was most excellently ill done. Zeale procured it; Loue deuis'd it; Boyes perform'd it; Men beheld it, and none but fooles dispraised it. As for the further Discription of the businesse, I referre to further relation; onely thus: The chiefest part of this people-plea∣sing spectacle, consisted in three Bees, viz. Boyes, Beasts, and Bels, Bels of a strange amplitude and extraordinarie propor∣tion; Beasts of an excellent shape, and most admirable swift∣nesse, and Boyes of rare Spirit, and exquisite performance. Which glorious Triumph, with much more, was meerely intended (as it was then thought) for the ioyfull celebrati∣on of Cambers boundlesse glory.

R. D.