Chesters triumph in honor of her prince As it was performed vpon S. Georges Day 1610. in the foresaid citie.
Davies, Richard, fl. 1610., Amerie, Robert., Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612.
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To the High and Mightie Prince, HENRY Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Rothsay, Earle of Che∣ster, Knight of the most noble Order of the GARTER, &c.

CHESTER to her Prince.

VNto the boundlesse Ocean, most dread Prince,
Of thy surmounting Great magnificence,
Doe we (poore Palatines) from our best hearts,
(Enlarg'd with Loue of thine admired Parts)
Blushing, obiect to thy deepe Iudgements eye,
The fruit (though poore) of rich Loues industrie.
Not that we are Ambitious, or that wee
Can thinke it worthy; of (most worthy) THEE.
But, with our best integritie, to show
The Awfull Duetie which our Loues doe owe,
To thy great Greatnesse; who (beyond compare)
Doth shine so bright in our Loues Hemisphere
That, in thy right, our Hearts, Liues, Limmes and Swords,
Shall stretch our Actions farre beyond our Words.

Her ill Townesman, Ri. Dauies.