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Title: Thou fiers god of armes, mars the rede
Author: Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400.
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hou fiers god of armes / mars the redeThat in the frosty contre called traceWithin thy grysly temple ful of dredeHonourd art as patron of that placeWith thy bellona / pallas ful of graceBe present and my song contynue & gyeAt my begynnyng thus to the I cryeFor it ful depe is sonken in my myndeWith piete{us} herte in english for tendyteThis olde storye in latyn that I fyndeOf quene anelida & fals arcyteThat elde that all can frete and byteAs it hath freten many anoble storyeHath nyh deuoured out of my memoryeBe fauorable eke thou polimiaOn pernaso that with thy sustren gladeBy elycon / not fer from cirreaSingest with wis memorial in the shadeVnder the laurer the whiche may not fadeAnd do that I my ship to hauen wynueFirst folowe I stace and after that corynne
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