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Title: Hic incipit paruus Catho
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Lete neuer thy good of the haue gouernanceBut gouerne & departe it ay with thy frendFor whā yu gost hens it may not with y• wendVtile consiliū dominus ne despice seruiNullius sensum si {pro}dest cōtempseris vnquamGrace is youen to man in many sondry wiseSōme haue wisedam & som̄e haue eloquenceThe poure folkes also som̄e tyme be ful wiseA seruant sūtyme may be ek of gret sapienceThaugh al he be had in litel reuerenceRearde his wit yf it be worth the whileFor vertu is hid vnder many an habit vileRebus et in sensu si nō est quod fuit anteFac viuas cōtentus eo qd tempora prebentThis worldes welth ebbing & flowing ayAt no certein is like as wankle aprileThaugh thou haue losse yu shalt not y• dismayBe content with that yu hast for the whileSōme mā ther is y• hath neither crosse ne pileNow in his ward & yet right good auentureYs him ful negh no man may knowe his vreVxorem fuge ne ducas sub noīe dotisNec retinere velis si cepit esse molesta
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