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Title: Hic incipit paruus Catho
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With vertue and it from vices vnbindeCome nere my child therfore & haue in myndeSuche doctrine in thin hert to bere awey & lereAs to thy self here after shal be lef & dereInstrue preceptis aīm ne discere cessesNam sine doctrina vita est quasi mortis ymagoMannes soule resembleth a newe plain tableIn whiche yet apperith to sight no pictureThe philisophre saith withouten fableRight so is manes soule but a dedly figureVnto the tyme she be reclaimed with ye lureOf doctrine and so gete hir a good habitTo be expert in cūnyng science & proffitInterpone tuis interdum gaudia curisVt possis aīmo quēuis sufferre laboremWho that lakketh rest may no while endureTherfore among take ease and disportDelite the neuer in gret besinesse & cureBut that whilom thou maist also resortTo playes recreacions and al other comfortThan shalt thou better laboure atte longeWhan thou hast mirth thy besinesse amonge
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