Here begynneth the kalendre of the newe legende of Englande
Hilton, Walter, d. 1396. Epistle on the medled life., John, of Tynemouth, d. 1290? Sanctilogium Angliae, Walliae, Scotiae, et Hiberniae.
Page  xxvi

De sancta Eauswida virgine & abbatissa.

SEynt eauswyda was doughter to ye Kynge son to kynge ethelbert Edbaldus / And fro her you∣the she forsoke the pompys of the worlde / and en¦ducyd her Fader to make her an Oratorye at Folkstan that she myghte in virgynyte serue our Lorde / And as ye oratory was in buyldynge / the kynge of Northamhum∣brorū which was a paynym / desyryd to haue her in ma∣ryage and her Father counceylyd her therto / and pray∣syd the Kynge moche / And she sayd if he coulde in the na¦me of his goddys make a beame of her Oratorye which was to shorte longe I nough she wolde assente to hym / if not she desyryd to be let a lone / And the kynge trustyn∣ge in his Goddes gladly assentyd / And when he hadde longe Prayde / all was in vayne that he dyd / and soo he went away with shame / And thenne the virgyn Prayed in the name of oure Lorde / And anone her Prayer was herde / and the Bame made longe Inoughe / And so the Kynge departyd / And by her prayer water came agayn¦ste the Hylle fro a Towne callyd Swecton to her orato∣ry / And it came by a noder Ryuer and yet Ioynyd not with it / foure Bretherne of great Ryches denyed to ge∣ue Dysmes to seynt Eauswyda / And after many yerys. iii. of theym were compuncte / and aduertysyd the .iiii. to goo with them to her sepulcre to doo penaunce / and ma∣ke satysfaccyon / and he denyed it / And anon the Deuyll enteryd into hym / And soo his Bretherne bounde hym And broughte hym to her Aulter / And anone he was made Hoolle and Payed his Tythes / And she wente Page  [unnumbered] fro this present lyfe the day before the kalēdas of septem∣ber And bycause her church was dystroyed with the see her bodye was brought to Folkstane.