The sea-mans direction in time of storme Delivered in a sermon upon occasion of a strong stormie wind lately happening.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.
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To the Reader.

IT hath been the way of God in speaking to men, and drawing their hearts to him, to apply himselfe to them, in those things they have skill of and are acquainted with. When Christ was revealed to the Wise men that came from the East, it was by a Star, they were Astronomers, and conver∣sed much in the contemplation of the Starres, and God speakes to them ac∣cordingly: When our Saviour called Fishermen to follow him, he tels them.Page  [unnumbered]Hee will make them Fishers of men; hee expresseth himselfe unto them in their owne way: Wherefore it being my lot to live where multi∣tudes of Mariners, especially of mine owne Countrey-men daily come, and my Auditors being in great part of such, I was willing to take the oppor∣tunity of that great worke of God, that sore and grievous tempest that was lately so terrible as made the hearts of many to shake, to adde the word sutable to Gods worke, to labour to conveigh some spirituall truth, by the advantage of that impression that was then upon their hearts, little thinking then that such present thoughts hinted by such an occasion, should ever be more publike then in mine owne Congregation: but know∣ing what need Mariners have of Ser∣mons, and considering how few they Page  [unnumbered] heare, because I could not preach to them where their chiefe businesse lies (upon the Seas) I was willing to send this Sermon to them, that they might have it by them: many Sabbaths they spend hearing none, seldome hea∣ring any. It may be the sutablenesse of this subject may invite them to reade, especially it being the desires of many of them who heard it, and found some worke of God upon their hearts by it, to have it by them; at first I was unwilling to let such sudden things appeare so publike, but after considering, that some poore Saylors boy at least might get some good by them, I yeelded. I publish not this Ser∣mon because I conceit any speciall ex∣cellency in it, that cannot be expected (it is the same for the frame and substance of it that was preached the next day after the occasion:Page  [unnumbered]Some things are added and en∣larged, especially concerning the nature of the Winds.)

But because I know nothing of this subiect published, and some way it may be usefull, and a little good is worth much of my time and labour, who knowes what a truth, what a hint fitted to the apprehensions of people in their owne way may doe; therefore here you have it, and the Lord prosper it to you.

Yours in Christ, I. B.