The arbor of amorous deuises VVherin, young gentlemen may reade many plesant fancies, and fine deuises: and thereon, meditate diuers sweete conceites, to court the loue of faire ladies and gentlewomen by N.B. Gent.
Jones, Richard, fl. 1564-1602., Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626?

A Poeme boh pithie and pleasant.

IF right were rackt and ouer-runne,
And power take parte wih open wrong▪
If force by feare doe yeeld too soone,
The lack is like to last too long:
If God ot goods shalbe vnplacd▪
If right for riches leaues his shape,
If world for wisdome be imbrac'd,
The guesse is great much hur may hap
Among good thinges I prooue and find▪
The quiet life doth most abound,
And sure to the contented mid,
There is no tiches may be found▪
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Riches doth hate to be content,
Rule is enmie to quiet ease,
Power for the most part is vnpacient
And seldome likes to llue in peace,
I heard a Shepheard once compare,
Tat qiet nig••s he had mre sleepe,
And ha more mrrie dayes to spare,
Then he which ought his Flock of sheepe.
I would not haue it thought heereby,
The Dolphin swim I meane to teach,
N yet to learne the Faulcon flie,
I roue not o farre past my reach▪
But as my part aboue the rest,
Is wel to wish and good to will:
So till the breath doth fayle my bsest,
I shal not stay to wish you still.