The arbor of amorous deuises VVherin, young gentlemen may reade many plesant fancies, and fine deuises: and thereon, meditate diuers sweete conceites, to court the loue of faire ladies and gentlewomen by N.B. Gent.
Jones, Richard, fl. 1564-1602., Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626?

The counsell of a friend to one in loue.

CLime not too high, for feare thou catch a fall,
Seeke not to build thy nest within the Sunne,
Refrraine the thing which bringeth thee to thrall,
Least when too late thou findste thy sele vndone:
Cause thy desires to rest and sleepe a space,
And let thy fancie take her restig place.
The Tiger ferce cannot by orce be tamed,
The Eagle wilde wil not be brought to fist,
Nor womens mindes at any time be framed,
To doe ought more then what their fancies lit:
Then cease thy pride▪ and let thy plumes downe fall,
Least soaring still thou purchasts endles thrall.