The arbor of amorous deuises VVherin, young gentlemen may reade many plesant fancies, and fine deuises: and thereon, meditate diuers sweete conceites, to court the loue of faire ladies and gentlewomen by N.B. Gent.
Jones, Richard, fl. 1564-1602., Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626?

A Poeme.

THe time was once that I haue lied free,
And wandred heere▪ and where me liketh best,
But in my wandring I did chance to see
A Damsel faire which causd in me small rest:
For at her sight mine hert was wounded sore,
That liued free and voyd of loue before
Which when I felt, I got me to my bed,
Thinking to rest my heauie heart: but then
There came strange thoughts ino my troubled hed,
Which made me thinke vpon my thoughts a gen:
And thus in thinking on my thoughts did sleep▪
And dreamed that another di her keepe.
With this same dreame I sudainly awoke,
Ad orderly did marke it euery poynt:
Page  [unnumbered]And with the same so great a griefe I tooke,
That as one scard, I quaked euery ioynt:
Yet at the last supposd it but a dreame,
My troubled spirits did reuiue againe.