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Title: [Explicit the book of curtesye]
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And at this tyme this tretye shal suffiseDispose you / to kepe it in your myndeThe doctrine whiche for you I deuyseAnd doubteth not / ful wel ye shal it findeTo your honour / enrolle it vp and byndeRight in your breste / and at your riper ageI shal wryte to you / herof the surplusageGo lytyl John / and who doth you apposeSayng your quayer / kepe non accordanceTelle hym as yet / neyther in ryme ne proseYe ben expert / praye hym of suffran̄ceChyldren muste be / of chyldly gouernan̄ceAnd also they muste entretyd beWith esy thing / and not with subtylteGo lytil quayer / submytte you euery whereVnder correctōn of benyuolenceAnd where enuye is / loke ye come not thereFor ony thing / kepe your tretye thensEnuye is ful of froward reprehensAnd how to hurte / lyeth euer in a wayteKepe your quayer / that it be not ther bayteExplicit the book of curtesye.
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