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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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fyrste apperynge of hym to hys blessyd moder as it maye be resonably trowed / Capitulum l.How that Maudalene and other maries comen to the graue. Capitulum li.¶ How oure lord Jhesus apperyd to maudalene. Capitulum lii.How oure lord Jhesus apperyd to the thre Maries. Capitu¦lum liii.¶ How oure lorde Jhesus apperyd to Peter. Ca¦pitulum liiii.Of the comynge ageyn of our lord Jhesu to the faders. And of her ioyeful songe. Capitulum lv:How our lord Jhesus apperyd to the two disciples goyng toward the castel of Emaus / Capitulum lvi.How oure lord Jhe¦sus appered to hys apostles and dyscyples that were reclused for drede on the selfe daye of hys resureccion. Capitulū lvii.How our lord Jhesus apperyd the eyghte daye after to hys dyscyples Thomas present. Capitulum lviii.How our lord Jhesus apperyd to the dyscyples in Galilee / Capitulum lix.How oure lord Jhesus apperyd to the dyscyples at the see Tyeryades / Capitulum lx / Of alle the apperynges of our lord Jhesus in general. Capitulum lxi.Of the assency on of oure lord Jhesus. Capitulum lxii.Of the sendynge doune. and the comynge of the holy ghoost Capitulum. lxiii.Of that excellente and moost worthy sacrament of Crys¦tes blessyd body Capitulum lxiiii¶ Explicit. Capitula. ¶ Sequitur prohemium
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