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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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the whiche John baptised is that same place wherby the chil¦dren of Israel wenten drye foot whan they comen by that de¦serte oute of Egypte / and that nye that place in deserte John lyued in penaūce. wherfore hit is lykely that Jhesus & his mo¦der founden hym there / And that they maden grete Joye and myrthe ghostly comyng togyder. And no wonder / for he was an excellent and a worthy childe fro his byrthe / He was the firste heremyte: and the begyn̄ynge of Relygious lyuyng in yeNota newe lawe / He was clene mayden and grettest precher after criste / He was a prophete and a precious and glorious mar∣tir: wherfore we deuoutly worshyppynge & honourynge hym take we oure leue at hym at thys tyme / and goo we forth to oure lord Jhesu and his moder in the forsayde waye. ¶ After they were passed the flo Jordan / thenne come they ferther more to the hous of oure ladyes coya Elyzabeth where they weren specially refresshyd / and maden togyder a grete and ly¦kyng feste / And there Joseph herynge that Archelaus reg¦ned after his fader Herode in the countre cleped Judea by byd¦dynge of the aūgels as it is said before wente with the childe & his moder in to the cyte of galylee cleped Nazareth / & there they dwellyd as in her owne home ledyng a symple & a poore lyf togyder. but in that grete ghostly rychesse of charyte. Loo thus is the childe ihs brought out of Egypt. and than as we maye thynke the systers of our lady & other kynnes folke and frēdes comē to hem. welcomyng hem home & vysytyng hem with presentes yeftes as it was nede to them. that foūden her owne bare houshold. Also amonge other we maye specially haue in mynde that Johan Euangelyst came with his moderOr Johā¦ne euange¦li our ladyes sister. to visite & see Jhs. y• whiche Johan was that tyme a boute fyue yere olde. For as it is wrytē of hym / he dey¦de y• yere fro the passōn of our lord lx. and seuen. that was the yere of his age foure score & xviii. Soo that at the passion of crist he had in elde one & thyrty yere / And Cryste hym self
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