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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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and honoured the crosse and sayd / Here made my sone his en¦de. and here is his precyous blode. and soo dyden all that other For thou mayst thinke & vnd{er}stonde that she was the first that honoured the crosse. as she was the first that honoured her so ne borne / And after fro thens they token y• way towarde the cyte: and oft by the waye she loked agayn towarde her sone & whan they came there as they myghte nomore see the crosse our lady & all other kneled & honoured it wepyng / And whā they came nyghe the cyte. our ladyes systers hyled her face in maner of a morning wido wthey yede befor̄: & our lady folou¦ed after bitwix mawdleyne & John soo couerde the face. Thē ne mawdleyne at the entree of the cyte desirynge to haue ou¦re lady to her hous before the takynge of the waye▪ that ladde thidward{er}e: she spake to our lady & sayd / My lady I praye you for the loue of my mayster that ye wol lete vs goo to our ho¦us in to Bethanye / where we maye beste abyde / For as ye knowe wel my mayster loued wel that place. and came glad¦ly ofte tymes therto / And that hous is yours wyth all that I haue / wherfore I praye you that ye woll come / And here the began to wepe / But our lady holdynge her pees. and makin¦ge sygne to John for to ansuere / And mawdaleyne prayenge hym for the same matere / He ansuerde and sayd / It is more semely that we goo to mount Syon: namly for soo we ans¦uerde and sayd to our frendes / wherfore come yu rather wyth her to that place / Thenne sayd mawdleyne to John / Thou knowest well I woll goo wyth her whether soo euer she go¦oth / And that I shall neuer leue her / After whan they camen in to the cyte: there camen on al sydes maydens & good mao¦nes to her gooyng wyth her and sorowyng & comfortyng in her manere / And also good men that wenten by hadden gre∣te cōpassion of her. and weren styred to wepyng & saydē / So¦othly this daye is done grete wronge by our prynces to the so¦ne of this lady: and god hath shewed grete tokens & wonders
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