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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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and profyte of mannes soules: as whan he is called therto / Also in that y• John wolde not telle Peter: that he badde hym aske of the traytour / we maye vnderstonde that the comtem: platyf shall not reuele the secrete of his lorde / As it is wrytenN. de scō frācso of saynt fransoys that preuy reuelacōns he reueled not with outforth: but what tyme that nede made hym for hele of mā∣nes soules. or y• stirynge of god by reuelacōn meued him the to / Now forth in our processe beholde we the grete benygny¦te of our lorde Jhū that soo homly suffred his derynge John enclyne & reste vpon his blessed breste / Lorde how tend{er}ly & tru¦ly they loued togyder / This was a swete rest to John. & a pro¦fytable to all crysten soules. in the whiche as clerkes sayen he dronke of that welle of euerlastynge wysdome the precyous drynke of his holy gospell. wyth the whiche after he comfor ted al holy chirche: and yaaf it as triacle ayenst y• venym of di¦uers heretikes / Beholde ferd{er}more other discyples full sory of the forsayd worde of the bitrayenge of our lord Jhū: not etn¦ge. but lokynge eche on other as they that wyste not what co¦unceyle or comforte they myght haue in this caas. And thus moche at this tyme suffysith touchinge that fyrst artycle of yt bodily supper. and the etyng of paske lambe in fulfyllyng of the lawe. & endynge of the fygure that oure lorde Jhūs dyde it fore / And as clerkes sayen: we fynde not that our lorde ete fle¦sshe in all his lyfe. but oonly at this tyme in etyng of that lā be. more for mystery than for bodily fode / Towchynge thesd pe¦dū abl seconde poynte: that is the wasshyng of the discyples fete: we shall vnd{er}stonde that after the forsayd processe our lord Jhūs rose vp fro the supper. & also his discyples anone wyth hymB vnwitynge what he wold doo ferd{er}more. or whether he wol¦de goo / And then̄e wente he wyth hem downe in to the nerer hous vnd{er} the forsayd lofte as they sayen▪ that haue seen that place: and there he bad al y• disciples sytte a downe. & made wa¦ter to be brought to him: and then̄e he cast of his ouerclothes
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