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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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ly. and comfortyng hem wyth louely chere / And though it so was that they eten as he badde: neuertheles cōfort myght thei none haue: for asmoche as they dradde alwaye leest there sho¦lde falle ought ayenst her lorde in that nouelte / And so as they eten: he tolde hem the sorowfull dede more openly: and sayd I haue desired for to ete wyth you this paske lābe before I suf¦fre the deth / For sothly one of you shal bytraye me / This spe¦che wente to her hertes as a sharpe swerde / wherfore they es¦sed of etynge & loked eche on other. and sayden to hym / Lorde whether I be he / Here yf we take good hede: we owen to haue Inwarde cōpassion bothe of our lorde Jhū & also of hem / For it is noo doubte they were in full grete sorowe / But the tray tour Judas lefte not of etynge for thise wordes of bitrayeng sholde not seme as perteynyng to hym / Then̄e John at insta¦ūce of peter asked of our lorde & sayd / Lorde who is he y• shall bytraye the / And our lorde Jhūs pryuely tolde hym. as to hym that he loued more specyally. and specifyed to him who was that traytour / And John therof gretly astonyed and wōdred wyth grete sorowe to the herte▪ nought wolde telle peter / but torned hym to Jhū: and softely layed downe his hede vpō his blessyd breste / And as saynt augustyne sayth. oure lorde Jhesu wolde not telle peter who was the traytoure / For and he hadAug: in omelia diit Je: s{us} petro wyste it▪ he wolde haue all to torne hym wyth his teeth / And as saynt augustyn sayth by peter ben fygured and vnderstōde they that ben in actyff lyfe: and by John they that ben in con: templatyff▪ wherfore we haue here doctryne and fygure: that he that is cōtemplatyff: medlith hym not wyth foreyne worl¦dly dedes. and also he y• sechith not vengaunce wythout forth of the offēses done to god▪ but is sory wythin forth in his her¦te. & torneth hym on̄ly to god by deuout prayer / And the more sadly tornynge hym. and drawynge hym to god. commyttith all thynge to his disposycōn and ordenaunce. though it soo be that he that is cōtemplatyff sōtyme gooth out by zele of god
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