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Title: Incipit Speculum vite Cristi
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our lorde Jhesu / The thirde is the ordynaunce and the conse∣cracyon of that precyous sacrament of his blessed body And the fourth is. that noble and fructuous sermon. that he made to his discyples / Of the whiche foure we shall speke &Prim a medita cōdecena see by processe & in order / As to the fyrst that is bodily supper we shall haue in mynde that peter & John at the biddynge of our lorde Jhū yeden in to the cyte of Jhrlm: to a frende of hers that dwelled in that parte of the cyte. that was called mount Syon. where there was a large hous on lofte strewed and a∣ble for to make this supper in / And soo after our lorde Jhūs cryste wyth that other disciples entred in to the cyte. and cam̄ to that forsayd place or house on the thursdaye towarde euen Now take here good hede and beholde wyth all thy mynde yt thou redeste or herest thise alle that folowen that ben tolde or spoken or done / For they ben full lykynge and stiryng to gre¦te deuocōn / For in this processe is the moost strengthe & ghost¦ly fruyte of all the medytacōns that ben of the blessed lyfe of our lorde Jhesu. pryncypally for the passynge tokens & shew∣ynges in dede of his loue to mākynde / wherfore here we shall not abredge as we haue in other places / But rather lengthe it in processe / Now thenne beholde our lorde Jhesu after he was come to the forsayd place: how he stant in some part by nethen▪ spekynge wyth his discyples of edifycacyon and aby dyng tyll it was made redy for hem in the forsayd hous alof¦te / And whan all thynges were redy / Saynt John that was moost homly and famylyer wyth our lorde Jhū: and that be sily went to and fro to see: that all that neded were ordeyned & done. came to hym and sayd / Syre ye may go to supper whā¦ye woll / For all thynges ben redy / And thenne anone our lor¦de wyth the twelue apostles wente vppe / But Johan algate nexte hym / And by his syde wythoute departynge / For there was none that soo truely and also famylierly dre¦we to hym and folowed hym as he dyde / For whan he was
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