The planters plea· Or The grounds of plantations examined, and vsuall objections answered Together with a manifestation of the causes mooving such as have lately vndertaken a plantation in Nevv-England: for the satisfaction of those that question the lawfulnesse of the action.
White, John, 1575-1648.


How doe they appeare to be Chams posterity? whose sonnes by the agreement of Writers, tooke up their dwellings together in Canaan, Palesti∣na, and the parts adjoyning in Arabia, Egypt, Mauritania, Lybia, and other bordering parts of Africke, and consequently for any footsteps of their descents appearing unto us, might bee as farre from peopling the West Indies, as any other part of the posteritie of Noahs sonnes. Neither doe mens conjectures agree, (for wee have no certainties to build on) whence these Countries of the parts of America towards New-England might most probably be peopled. But admit the Inhabitants to be Chams posteritie doth not the Prophet Esay foretell the conversion of Page  55Chams posterity in Egypt, performed in the Pri∣mitive times, all histories witnessing that the E∣gyptians had amongst them a Church of eminent note, governed by divers Bishops under the Pa∣tharen of Alexandria? And who knowes not the numerous Churches of Africke, wherein were above 160 Bishops in St. Austins time, go∣verning sundry Nations, all of them of Chams posteritie? But what testimonie of Scripture, or ground of reason from Scripture, layes such a fearefull curse upon all Chams posteritie? Noahs curse reacheth but to one branch, to Canaan, and as Interpreters conceive, with especiall relation to the extirpation of that part of his issue which inhabited Iudea, by the children of Israel. It is too much boldnesse then to curse where God hath not cursed, and shut out those from the meanes of grace, whom God hath not exclu∣ded.