The planters plea· Or The grounds of plantations examined, and vsuall objections answered Together with a manifestation of the causes mooving such as have lately vndertaken a plantation in Nevv-England: for the satisfaction of those that question the lawfulnesse of the action.
White, John, 1575-1648.


And no marvell, unlesse God should worke by miracle; neither can it be expected that worke should take effect untill we may be more perfect∣ly acquainted with their language, and they with ours. Indeede it is true, both the Natives and English understand so much of one anothers lan∣guage, as may enable them to trade one with an∣other, and fit them for conference about things that are subject to outward sense; and so they understand our use in keeping the Sabbath day, Page  53 observe our reverence in the worship of God, are somewhat acquainted with the morall precepts; know that adultery, theft, murther and lying are forbidden, which nature teacheth, because these things are outward, and may bee under∣stood almost by sense: But how shall a man ex∣presse unto them things meerely spirituall, which have no affinity with sense, unlesse wee were throughly acquainted with their language, and they with ours? neither can we in theirs, or they in our tongue utter any continued speech, be∣cause neither we nor they understand the moods, tenses, cases, numbers, praepositions, adverbes, &c. which make coherence in words, and ex∣presse a perfect sense. Besides, it hath beene inti∣mated that wee hardly have found a brutish peo∣ple wonne before they had beene taught civi∣lity. So wee must endeavour and expect to worke that in them first, and Religion after∣wards. Amongst such as have beene brought over into England from Virginia there was one Nanawack, a youth sent over by the Lo. De La∣ware, when hee was Governour there, who comming over and living here a yeare or two in houses where hee heard not much of Religion, but saw and heard many times examples of drin∣king, swearing, and like evills, remained as hee was a meere Pagan; but after removed into a godly family, hee was strangely altered, grew to understand the principles of Religion, lear∣ned to reade, delighted in the Scriptures, Ser∣mons, Prayers, and other Christian duties, Page  54 wonderfully bewailed the state of his Country∣men, especially his brethren, and gave such te∣stimonies of his love to the truth, that hee was thought fit to be baptised: but being prevented by death, left behinde such testimonies of his desire of Gods favour, that it mooved such god∣ly Christians as knew him, to conceive well of his condition; neither is there any cause to doubt but time may bring on in others, as well as it did in him, that which wee expect upon a so∣daine in vaine.