The planters plea· Or The grounds of plantations examined, and vsuall objections answered Together with a manifestation of the causes mooving such as have lately vndertaken a plantation in Nevv-England: for the satisfaction of those that question the lawfulnesse of the action.
White, John, 1575-1648.
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The first, indeed but not the onely care: so I must provide for mine owne family, but not for that alone; But to answer this ob∣jection more fully, which troubles many, and distracts their thoughts, and strikes indeede at the foundation of this worke (for either wee must allow some able men for Civill and Ecclesiasticall affaires for peace and warre, or no Colonie at all: ) First I deny that such as are gone out from the State, are cut off from the State; the rootes that issue out from the Truncke of the Tree, though they be disper∣sed, yet they are not severed, but doe good offices, by drawing nourishment to the maine body, and the tree is not weakned but streng∣thened the more they spread, of which wee have a cleere instance in the Romane State: that Citie by the second Punicke warre had erected thirtie Colonies in severall parts of Italie; and by their strength especially suppor∣ted her selfe against her most potent enemies. I confesse that in places so farre distances New-England from this Land, the case is somewhat different; the intercourse is not so speedy, but it must needs be granted yet, that even those so far remote may be of use and seruice to this State still, as hath beene shewed.

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Page  40 vels, improved not so much by sight as experi∣ence, after the affaires of the Colony were set∣led; what losse were it in lieu of so great a gaine?

Lastly, if we spare men for the advancing of Gods honour, men that doe us service that they may attend Gods service, we have as much reason to expect the supply of our losse, as the repayring of our estates, out of which we spare a portion for our brethrens necessities, or the advancing of Gods worship; by the blessing of God according to his promise.