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Title: [Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive, Lombardica historia] [Wyllyam Caxton]
Author: Jacobus, de Voragine, ca. 1229-1298.
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here spouse / Wiche was rauishid in to heuē Ther be ij wynges gyuē to ye chirche The j is thexercitaciō of vj werkis of mercy & ye fulfyllyng of ye x cōmademēts of ye lawe / for sixti make six sithes ten. And by six be vnderstond the vj werkes of mercy / and by ten / the n coman¦dementis of the lawe / The thirde reson is for representacion / For the sexages∣me representeth also the mysterye of re∣demption / For by ten. is vnderstond the man / whiche is the tenth peny / whiche is made & formed to that / that he be the reparacion of ix ordres of angellis / or for that he is fourmed of foure qualy∣tees / to the body / And to the soule / he hath iij powers that is to wete / me∣morye / vnderstondyng / and wyll / whiche ben made that he serue the blessyd trynyte / to thende that we byleue ferm∣ly in hym / and loue hym ardantly and dylygently we haue & holde hym in our mynde / By sixe / ben vnderstonde vj mysteryes / by the whiche the man is re¦demyd by Ihesu cryst / the whiche ben / the Incarnacion / the Natyuyte / the pas¦sion / his discencion in to helle / his re∣surrexion / And his ascencion in to he∣uene / And by cause that the sexages∣me stratcheth vnto the wednesday after ester / that day is songen venite benedic¦ti &c̄. For they that fulfylle the werkes of merci shal here in thende / venite / as Ihesu cryst witnesseth / And thenne shal the dore be opened to the spouse / And embrace god her spouse / And it is war¦ned in a pystle / that she shold beere pa¦ciently tribulacion as seynt poul dyde / in thabsence of her espouse / and in the gos¦pell / that she be alway ententif to sowe good werkes / And that she that had songen as despayred / Circundederunt me gemitus mortis / Now retorne for to de¦maunde that she be holpen in her trybula¦cions / and require to be delyuerd in say∣eng / Exurge domine adiuua &c̄ whiche is the begynnyng of thoffice of the masse And this doth holy chirche in thre ma∣ners / For somme ben in holy chirche that ben oppressed of aduersite / but they ben not cast out / And some that ben not op¦pressed / ne caste out / And somme that ben oppressyd and caste out / And by cause that they may not bere aduersitees it is to drede / and grete perill lest the pro¦speritees all to breke theym / wherfor ho¦ly chirche cryeth that he aryse / as to the fyrst in confortyng them / for it semeth that he slepeth / whan he delyuereth them not / She cryeth also as to the seconde / yt he aryse in conuertyng them / fro who∣me it semeth / that he tourneth his face fro them in puttyng them fro hym / She cryeth also as to the thirde / that he arise in helpyng them in prosperite / And in delyueryng them / Here endeth the mysterye of: sexagesmeOf quinquagesmetHe quinquagesme du¦reth fro the sonday / in whiche is songē in the chirche in thof∣fyce of the masse / Esto mihi &c̄: And that endeth on ester day / and is Iustitued for supplecion & fulfyllyng for signeficacion / and for representacion for fulfyllyng and accomplysshyng / by cause that we shold faste foury dayes after the fourme of Ihesu cryst / And ther be but xxxvj dayes to faste but mē fast not the sondayes / for the gladnesse and the reuerence of the resurrexion / and also for thensaunple of Ihū cryst whiche ete two tymes with his disciples on the day of his resurrexion / whan he entred in where his discples were / and the do∣res or yates shytte / And they brought hym parte of a rosted fyssh and of an hony combe / And after that with his ij disciples whiche wente to Emaus / He ete also as some saye / And therfore ben foure dayes put to for acōplysshyng of the sondayes whiche be not fasted / And after by cause the clergye goon by fore the comyn peple so shold they goo in deuocion and holynesse / therfo they begynye to faste two dayes byfore / and absteyne them fro etyng flessh / And thus is one weke putto / whiche is called the qunquagesme after this that saynt ambrose saith / that other reason is for the signeficacion for ye
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