Epitaphes, epigrams, songs and sonets with a discourse of the friendly affections of Tymetes to Pyndara his ladie. Newly corrected with additions, and set out by George Turbervile Gentleman.
Turberville, George, 1540?-1610?

¶An Epitaph on the death of Maister Arthur Brooke drownde in pas∣sing to New Hauen.

AT point to ende and finishe this my Booke,
Came good report to mée, and wild me write
A dolefull Verse, in praise of Authur Brooke
That age to come lament his fortune might.
Agréede (quoth I) for sure his Vertues were
As many as his yeares in number few:
The Muses him in learned laps did beare,
And Pallas Dug this daintie Bab did chew.
Apollo lent him Lute for solace sake
To sound his Verse by touch of stately string,
And of the neuer fading Baye did make
A Lawrell Crowne, about his browes to cling,
Page  144 In proufe that he for Myter did excell
As may be iudge by Iulyet and hir Mate:
For there he shewde his cunning passing well
When he the Tale to English did translate.
But what? as he to forraine Realme was bownd
With others moe his soueraigne Quéene to serue,
Amid the Seas vnluckie youth was drownd,
More spéedie death than such one did deserue.
Aye mée, that time (thou crooked Delphin) where
Wast thou, Aryons help and onely stay,
That safely him from Sea to shore didst beare?
when Brooke was drownd why wast yu thē away?
If sound of Harp thine eare delighted so
And causer was that he bestid thy back,
Then doubtlesse yu moughst wel on Brooke bestow
As good a turne to saue him from the wrack.
For sure his hande Aryons Harp exceld,
His pleasant Pen did passe the others skill,
Who so his Booke with iudging eie beheld
Gaue thanks to him, and praisde his learned quill.
Thou cruel Goulf what meanst thou to deuowre
With supping Seas a Iewell of such fame?
Why didst thou so with water marre the Flowre
That Pallas thought so curiously to frame?
Vnhappie was the Hauen which he sought,
Cruell the Seas whereon his Ship did glide,
The winds to rough that Brooke to ruin brought,
Vnskilfull he that vndertooke to glide.
Page  [unnumbered] But sithens teares can not reuoke the ded,
Nor cries recall a drowned man to lande:
Let this suffice textall the life he led
And print his prayse in house of Fame to stande
That they that after vs shall bée and liue
Deserued praise to Arthur Brooke may giue.

({quod}) G. T.