Flovvres or eloquent phrases of the Latine speach, gathered ont [sic] of al the sixe comœdies of Terence. VVherof those of the first thre were selected by Nicolas Vdall. And those of the latter three novv to them annexed by I. Higgins, very profitable and necessary for the expedite knovvledge of the Latine tounge
Terence., Udall, Nicholas, 1505-1556., Higgins, John, fl. 1570-1602.
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In the second Scene.

Egomet conueniam ipsum, I my selfe wil talke or commune with him.

2 Te audio nescio quid concertâsse cum haero. I heare that my mayster and you (I cannot tell whereaboute) haue bene at square.

6 Quid agerem? What should I do?

6 Adolescenti morem gestum oportuit, It was meete to haue borne with the yoūg man, or thou oughtest. &c.

7 Qui potui melius? How could I do better?

7 Agè, scis quid loquar? Go to, dost thou know what I say.

9 Si nunc de tuo iure concessises paululùm, It you had borne with him a little, or if thou hadst suffered hym to borowe some peece of the lawe with you.

10 O hominem homo stulissime, cockscombe, O Walthammes calfe, O the veriest foole in the world.

11 Ego spem pretio non emo, I will not geue a bird in the hand for two in the wood, I wil not buy the pig in the poke.

12 Nunquam rem facies, nescis inescare homines. Thou wilt neuer gaine farding, thou knowest not how to bring the people to thy lure,

12 Ego••un quàm a deo astutus fu. I was neuer so crafty, wylie or subtile.

1Noui animum tuum, I know thy courage, or Page  [unnumbered] manly stomacke.

16 Te aiunt proficisi Cyprum, Men say you go to Cyprus.

18 Animus tibi pendet, You are in doubt, or you know not what to do.

20 Inieci scrupulum homini, I haue troubled h•• conscience, or I haue geuē him a oan to pc••

29 O scelera, O wicked deedes or actes.

34 Minas decem corrader alicunde, He wil scrap∣ten poundes togeather out of some one corner or other.

36 Pudet nihil, He shames at nothing, or hee is past shame.

36 Omnes dentes labefecit mihi, Hee hath made all my teeth shake, or hee hath loosed all my teeth. hee made all my teeth to shatter in my heade.

37 Colaphis tuber est totum caput, Al my heade is swollen with uffets or blowes.

38 Nusquam abeo I goe no whether.

38 Vt lubet, As thou list, as please God and you.

41 Meum mihi reddatur, Let mee haue myne owne.

42 Scio te non vsum antehac amicitia mea, I knowe you were not friendes with mee before this.

43 Memorem me esse dices & gratum, Thou sha•• say I am myndeful and thankful.

45 Paulsper mane, Staye a little, abyde a wyle.

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